This old house includes three unique vacation units, each with is own charm and character; each unit may be rented by the week.
The heart of this well preserved part of Balazuc, a wonderful village that is proud of its official status as “most beautiful village in France,” will welcome you near Vallon-Pont- d’Arc (17 km), the famous Gorge de l’Ardèche and the Chauvet Cave.
Only 500 meters from the river Ardèche, the Pigeonnier des Louannes is nestled on the slopes of beautiful hills. An ideal place, not only giving you access to services and activities of the area, but also protecting you from noisy seasonal crowds.
Véronique and Philippe Lagrange fell in love with this 18th century estate, built on two massive vaults that provided the village community with a local spring and allowed them to bake their bread in the old stone oven in the “pierres sèches” style.
The pigeon keep, towering over the house, gives the whole building an interesting and particular look.
Each of the three independent apartments was created to emphasize its particular charm and each also has its own private terrace.
The contemporary interior décor, chosen by the owner, an architect, expresses the care and love put into the apartments.
The house is situated in a landscape full of terraces, junipers, and mulberry trees. Surrounded by ancient stone walls, a pool stretches along one of the terraces.

La Maison des Vignes***

Built on top of one of the vaults, the Maison des Vignes offers a wonderful view of the vines on the banks of the Ardèche. Mulberry trees and Florence pines line the terrace and expand its privacy. This privileged apartment accommodates four people.

La Calade***

“Calades” are small cobble stone alleys that run up and down hamlets in this region. La Calade is situated on the ground floor of the buildings and its preserved vault magnifies the building’s authentic character. Its private terrace offers a unique view over the cultivated land in the far. La Calade accommodates 4 people in a special apartment.

Les Faysses*** (Pronounced Fa-ees)

Faysses are the typical stone terraces or levels, supported by rough stone walls, and dug into the slopes of hills. This unit is situated in the West wing of the house, under the pigeonnier. The space has a contemporary look that was created with great care to give it a modern character while preserving the authenticity of the building. The Faysses’ terrace is close to the pool and to the nearby manicured garden. This wonderful unit can accommodate 6 people.





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